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    1. 成功案例





      1.Storage bunker for raw materials

      For High level:Model KRV-6F
      For Middle level:Model KRV-2F
      For low level:Model KRV-5F
      Features:  Withstand high abrasion
                      Unaffected by build up
                      Withstand high lateral load/tensile load
                       Static electricity immunity

      2.Cement silo at Finishing process

      High level:VL11F
      Low level:VL11G
      Features: Self-cleaning function
                      Unaffected by dust
                     Built-in protective shield for probe(G type)
                     VL21F (Rod extension) or VL31F (Cable extension) is available for HH level at top mounting.

      3.Low level detection of Hot clinker

      Model:KRV-9F (Earth:∮27.2,Ceramic insulator:∮22,Detection probe:∮22)
      Features:Rugged probe withstands heavy static load.
                    Patented sensitivity selection minimizes the probe extension length.
                    Stable operation up to 500℃ by using the 5 radiation-fins and the ceramic insulator.

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